Softstone Yoga and Nia
The World Health Organization marks this day to recognize it's founding and to promote a focus on a particular health crisis in the world.  It is also a day to remind the community that health is a worldwide concern.

Softstone Yoga will offer FREE CLASSES and consultation on the health benefits of a yoga practice.  This ancient practice has made it's way into all areas of the world as a way to promote wholeness in the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.  We are excited to see the new research that supports what yogis have always known to be true about the life promoting and rejuvenating practice of yoga.

Join us for classes and demos of how yoga can help with specific ailments, aches, pains, and maintenance of proper muscle/joint function.

8:00-8:30am  Yoga to Wake up and Lift the Mood-   Feel overwhelmed or negative in the morning?  Not ready to jump in?  Do it in your own body's way, and feel energized!

8:30-9:00am  Yoga to Build Energy and Flow -  Feeling sluggish in the morning?  Boost the start of the day getting in touch with life force energy.

10-10:15am     Yoga for Better Vision- Learn eye movements that keep eyes strong!

10:15-10:45  Yoga for Better Digestion-  You can help digestion through poses that help the gastro intestinal tract!  

10:45-11:15am Yoga for Healing your Back Pain-  How to manage with basic postures for sciatica, bulging disc, and common backache.

11:30-12am  Yoga for Arthritis Prevention/Pain -A few practices and yoga philosophy on healthy joints!

12:15-1:00pm    Beginning a Meditation Practice-  some easy steps to slow down and calm your mind!

4:15-5:15pm    Yoga for Functional Alignment
Athletic muscle imbalances- Runners and other athletes will be addressed.  Individual assessment and consultation. please RSVP to

6-6:30pm       Yoga to Reduce Stress - 3 simple practices to reduce your tension- body and mind!

6:30-7:30 Beginning a Meditation Practice- some easy steps to get still and calm your mind!  Benefits include:  cardiovascular, mood problems, brain health, aches, pains, other stress related disease

Softstone Yoga is unique.
 We are committed to the development of strength and flexibility in the body and mind, and moving for the joy of movement.  Following the purpose of tradtional yoga  to increase awareness of our path through life, we practice mind-body connection to gain knowledge about ourselves and our health.  We emphasize joy in movement, so we are in touch with what inspires!

 Please take advantage of a
FREE PRIVATE YOGA SESSION with Jennifer to begin taking classes.  Together you will determine the pathway that honors the uniqueness of YOU!  See the Contact Us tab to make an appointment.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your yoga or nia practices, please contact me to meet before or after class to come up with some modifications.

located at
 Rejuvenation Fitness,
 15091 Northville Rd., Plymouth, MI  48170

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