Softstone Yoga and Nia


The Mind Body Connection
Location- Plymouth Wellness Center & Spa
1075 West Ann Arbor Rd., Plymouth, MI
Fridays- see PWC for dates;   6:15-7:45pm
Join us to learn, practice, and experience the mind body connection and ways that this improves health and happiness!  Begin your health journey by listening to your most knowledgeable teacher- YOU!  Your body 'knows' what the mind knows not of.  Your body is speaking to you, giving you opportunities to understand what it needs for wellness.  Are you listening?
$20 Please RSVP to
About the owner/instructor

Jennifer is excited to be training with Amy Weintraub, national teacher, researcher, and author of Yoga for Depression.  This training has deepened her understanding of pranayama, mudra, and mantra (breathing, hand gestures, and verbal resonance) as healing, balancing, strengthening, and invigorating practices for everyday life.  She will continue to bring these ancient teachings to her classes, and to the community.  

Yoga as a tradition, for whole health- body, mind, emotions, and spirit!  The result?  Loving this life as it is.....

Please contact if you want to know more!

Softstone Yoga is unique.
 We are committed to the development of strength and flexibility in the body and mind, and moving for the joy of movement.  Following the purpose of tradtional yoga  to increase awareness of our path through life, we practice mind-body connection to gain knowledge about ourselves and our health.  We emphasize joy in movement, so we are in touch with what inspires!

 Please take advantage of a
FREE PRIVATE YOGA SESSION with Jennifer to begin taking classes.  Together you will determine the pathway that honors the uniqueness of YOU!  See the Contact Us tab to make an appointment.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your yoga or nia practices, please contact me to meet before or after class to come up with some modifications.

A beautiful week in Mexico teaching Yoga!

located at
 Rejuvenation Fitness,
 15091 Northville Rd., Plymouth, MI  48170

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